Know Who You're Looking For

Every aspect of recruiting should be tailored to the person you hope to hire. Sourcing, job ads, interview structure, evaluation criteria—all of it flows from a thoughtful, holistic vision of your ideal candidate.

Pyrola Rotundifolia
  • Plan Your Hiring Process

    Start by defining success

    Hiring is about meeting a need, not filling a seat. Start by defining what a successful hire will accomplish in their first year on the job, and work backwards from there to lock in your hiring criteria.

  • Be specific

    To be effective, those criteria need to be specific and clear. Outline all your expectations for candidates, along with the skills and qualifications they’ll need to do the job well. And make sure your criteria are documented in a way that the entire team can understand.

  • Score Candidates

    Create your candidate scorecard

    Compile the list of must-haves into a simple document, and don’t forget to include the traits that will make them a good cultural fit for your organization. Interviewers will use this candidate scorecard when evaluating applicants, guaranteeing useful, focused feedback on the things that truly matter.

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