Always Be Improving

The recruiting landscape is always changing, with new tools and opportunities coming online every month. Your goal should be to stay ahead of the curve, getting better and faster over time. Getting there requires metrics.

Ceratonia Siliqua
  • Get Robust Reports

    Measure The Right Stuff

    With something as complex as recruiting, it can be challenging to tease out cause and effect. Having solid data on your hiring process is crucial to improving the system. Make sure you're collecting the right data so you can answer questions like:

    • How long does it take you to fill a job opening?
    • How many candidates do you need to source to make each hire?
    • What percentage of the candidates you interview face-to-face ultimately receive an offer?
    • What percentage of offers are accepted?
    • What are the reasons candidates decline your offers? Can you change this?
    • Is there a more efficient way to determine if a candidate will likely accept an offer?
    • How would candidates that you didn’t hire rate your interview process?

    Ultimately, you want to be able to discern the trends from the outliers. A well-measured interview process will allow you to predict how candidates will perform on the job before you hire them.

  • Set goals

    Improvements are much easier when you set specific goals. Time to hire taking too long? Aim to bring your average down by six days in six months. Not getting enough candidates into your pipeline? Aim to increase your number of applicants by 15% over the next month. Set goals by department, by last year’s performance, or even against a competitive benchmark—just make sure you’re working towards something concrete.

  • Test and learn

    Once you’ve identified an opportunity for improvement, act on it. Then check to see if the benefit really materialized. Did adding a second phone screen increase the likelihood that candidates pass the technical section of their in-person interviews? If so, how many interview hours did you save? Running an effective recruiting process results in benefits across the entire organization.

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