Move Quickly

There are few things more detrimental to a company’s future than slow hiring. The best candidates seldom stay on the market for long, and the more time you take, the more competitive offers they’ll see. Failing to move candidates quickly through the pipeline makes your company look unprofessional, or, worse, apathetic about the hiring process.

Happily, most companies can speed up their hiring process dramatically by finding and fixing a few lags in their pipeline.

Phleum Pratense
  • Manage Your Pipeline

    Have a system for next steps

    When you’re working with multiple people across several departments or offices, you need to have an easy way to deliver reminders and nudges that expedite the process. Is an interviewer holding up the process because they haven’t submitted feedback? Their manager needs to know and remind them. Has all of the feedback been collected? Is it now someone's responsibility to make a decision? They need to be notified.

  • Schedule Interviews

    Collect feedback immediately

    Once the interview is over, it can be easy to feel like the “work” is done, and put off providing written feedback to the rest of the team. But the longer you wait, the longer the candidate is waiting, and the less reliable your feedback becomes. Just making sure feedback is collected on the same day as the interview can markedly decrease your time-to-hire and improve your chances of landing the best candidates.

  • Make decisions quickly

    Once interview feedback is collected, make a decision immediately. Should you continue forward with the candidate or reject them? In hiring, any slack should be on the candidate’s side—every part of the process that you have control over should constantly be moving towards a rejection or offer.

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