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Gem Summit 2020

Spend a day exploring the future of talent teams with thousands of top talent acquisition professionals. Connect, share, be inspired and learn from each other on November 19, 2020.
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The virtual conference for talent acquisition professionals
November 19, 12 – 5:30 pm ET/9 – 2:30 pm PT

Join from wherever you are to hear from inspirational speakers, learn how other top teams are thinking about the future and be challenged in your thinking, find joy in some light entertainment, and more.

Hear from industry experts on the topics that most interest you.

  • Diversity: Creative ways to find and engage underrepresented talent
  • Diversity: How to operationalize a sourcing strategy
  • Collaborative Recruiting: How recruiters and hiring managers can be best friends
  • Lessons learned from marketing and sales
  • How to measure analytics in your recruiting pipeline
  • Exceptional candidate experience in a world of remote hiring

Find connection and network with other professionals

It’s common to wonder how others tackle the same responsibilities you have. Find those people at Gem Summit 2020!

Hear recruiters and sourcers share their tips and tricks for finding and nurturing top talent. Hear recruiting managers and talent leaders talk about how they’ve helped their teams weather the storms of 2020.

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