Make hiring your competitive advantage.

Much more than an ATS, only Greenhouse delivers the solution to building a winning hiring culture.

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Staying a step ahead of the competition for talent requires company-wide engagement.

  • Everything you need from an ATS
  • A winning recruiting process
  • A stellar candidate experience
  • The right metrics, where and when you want them
  • The tools to support diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • A platform that flexes from start-up to enterprise scale
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Have everything you need from an ATS.

Greenhouse Recruiting ensures you always know the right step to take to hire the best candidate possible.

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  • Dive into a pipeline view of any role paired with a holistic view of candidate activity
  • Seamlessly collaborate with hiring teams: @mentions, shared app-review, job & offer approvals
  • Empower your stakeholders to play their part with fine-grained permissions
  • Stay ahead with alerts, tasks, and notifications
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Design a winning recruiting process.

Structured hiring is the proven way to improve your quality of hire.

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  • Decide on a scorecard of key attributes for a candidate’s sucess
  • Eliminate chaos with an organized plan that helps your interviewers assess the right skill and traits
  • Mitigate bias with data-driven hiring decisions on final candidates
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Make sure your process stands out in a competitive talent landscape.

Deliver a stellar experience for candidates, so that they jump to accept your offer.

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  • Customize career pages and job boards
  • Impress candidates with focused, meaningful interviews
  • Represent your brand with customizable email templates
  • Automate candidate surveys to measure your candidate experience and get continuous feedback
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Surface the right metrics, where and when you want them.

Drive consistent improvement by tracking insightful metrics over time to learn about your process.

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  • Analyze 30+ Core reports for at-a-glance reporting—including source quality, time-to-fill, and offer acceptance rate
  • Connect your reports to Google Sheets and seamlessly refresh for easy analysis and collaboration
  • Configure reports to highlight and narrow in on the data you’re looking for
  • Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics, like uncovering the likelihood of making an on-time hire
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Mitigate bias in your hiring process.

Harness the power of proven best practices to reduce bias in your process to create the most diverse team possible. 

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  • Develop a scorecard of key performance attributes to assess candidates
  • Create an equal playing field with a single, consistent interview experience for all candidates on a role
  • Collect structured EEO data for compliance and process measurement 
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Utilize a platform that’s specifically built to be flexible for scale.

Greenhouse Recruiting has the right solution for any team size or process complexity.

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  • Reflect the complexity of your org and processes through advanced data configuration (including custom fields)
  • Configure smart approvals in the order you need
  • Take bulk actions across jobs, candidates, or offers to ensure consistency and free up time
  • Integrate with and sync to your HRIS for smooth process management 
  • Leverage important security features like SOCII, disaster recovery, SSO, SMTP relay, configurable session time outs, and more
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The fundamentals of Greenhouse Recruiting, optimized for mobile.

  • Job and Offer Approvals

    Keep the hiring process moving with the tap of a finger

  • Scorecards

    Provide feedback on a candidate's critical skills

  • Interview Kits

    Prep for a mobile meeting

  • Candidate Profiles

    Quickly locate the candidate information you need

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With Greenhouse Recruiting, hiring finally becomes a strategic driver of the business, automating away administrative burden and keeping you ahead.

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Build your talent network to find great candidates you already know, engage potential candidates over time, and track the effectiveness of your sourcing efforts.

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