Accept Applications Online

Tomorrow's great hires are browsing your job board today. Greenhouse provides job board integrations that make a powerful first impression, from our out-of-the box, fully hosted job board to one that's API-driven and totally customized by you. Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to add, edit, and remove each job listing without needing help from your tech team.

Choose the job board integration that fits your needs:



Fully-Hosted Job Board

This is the quickest and easiest option. Just configure your job board in Greenhouse, and we'll take care of the hosting, source tracking, and validation. Once you’re finished, include a link to the job board from your current website and BOOM, you’re done!


Example NextDoor

Partial Integration

With just a few minutes of a developer’s time, you can have your job board embedded on your site in an iFrame. This minimalist implementation only needs two lines of code added to your existing job board! It’s a great option because it keeps applicants on your site and it’s super easy for your dev team to customize the look and feel of the page.



Custom Job Board Using Greenhouse’s API

We give you all the data via our API, and it's up to you to do the rest. This option is typically only for companies who want to build an extremely customized application form. We’ll provide your developers with all the information they need to dynamically construct the forms.

Every Greenhouse Job Board Has: Custom Formating

You’ll have complete control over the styling of your job pages. Fonts, sizes, colors, and more can be controlled through CSS files that you create.


Custom Application Questions for Every Job

Every job is different, so naturally you’re going to want candidates to answer different questions depending on the position. Greenhouse lets you add as many custom questions as you like, and you have total control over which questions are required or optional. You can choose from multiple question types—text box, yes/no, single select, multi select—and even ask candidates to upload attachments with their application.


Auto-Tag Candidates

Greenhouse lets you automatically tag candidates based on their answers to application questions, so you can easily find them and perform specific actions to every candidate at once. For example, you can easily identify candidates that don’t have enough experience and send them all rejection emails at the same time. Or you can highlight every candidate who has worked at a top competitor or has a master’s degree.


Custom Auto-Response for Every Application Received

Delivering a great candidate experience is all about being considerate and keeping your candidates informed. Greenhouse lets you send automatic “Thanks for applying” emails to every candidate, reassuring them that their application was received. Want to send a different “thank you” message for each position? No problem. Whether it’s for a senior-level engineering job or a social marketing internship, we let you send custom messages so every candidate touch-point can be on-brand and geographically relevant.

EEO Compliance Questions

Yeah, we’ve got that; it’s important stuff.

Safe Harbor Questions for EU-based Jobs

Yep, we’ve got that too.