Control User Permissions

Greenhouse knows how important it is to keep some information private, and our powerful permissioning system ensures people only access what they are supposed to. Greenhouse has a host of user types, as well as policies and permissions that can be set for your company.


Site Admin Permissions

Site Admins are the quarterbacks of the recruiting process. They’re in charge of the entire team, planning the process for the whole company and making sure everything stays on track. They have the most wide-ranging permissions and are able to see and manage every single job. They’re in charge of organizing the rest of the hiring team and getting everyone involved.

Job Admin Permissions

Job Admins have the power to see and do most everything, but only on the jobs they’re assigned to. Their permissions include advancing or rejecting candidates, scheduling interviews, and running reports. This is generally the permission level you give to your Hiring Managers, so they’re able to oversee the hiring process for specific jobs. Because every company approaches hiring differently, Greenhouse makes it easy to grant Job Admin permissions by individual jobs, or by entire offices or departments at once.

Interviewer Permissions

Give Interviewer permissions to anyone in your organization that you want to be able to conduct interviews and provide candidate feedback. Interviewer permissions can be assigned by job, office, or department. Users with Interviewer permissions can see limited profiles of the candidates on their jobs, and can submit candidate scorecards. Optionally, you can let your interviewers see the scorecard feedback from other interviewers.

Basic User Permissions

Users with Basic permissions are a crucial part of the sourcing strategy. Though they may never interview or manage a candidate, they can connect you with potential hires by submitting referrals and sharing open jobs with their social networks. Everything in Greenhouse is tracked, so the hiring teams will always know who to thank for sending good people their way.

Sensitive Information Permission: Private Notes, Salary Info, Offers and Private Candidates

In addition to general permission levels, Greenhouse lets you have complete control over which users are able to see and manage sensitive candidate information like salary and job offer details. Each candidate profile has a “Private” section for this information, and you decide which Site Admins and Job Admins are able to see this section. Sometimes you’ll want to keep an entire candidate profile secret—in these situations, Greenhouse lets you mark candidates as “private,” so only people with appropriate permissions are able to see them.