Get Robust Reports

The recruiting process is about so much more than just picking Candidate A over Candidate B. You're also deciding how to spend a large chunk of a company's resources on sourcing and interviewing. Greenhouse provides the comprehensive reports you need to accelerate your hiring process and make the right call every time. Highlights include:


Sourcing Reports

Understand where candidates came from and their quality, as measured by their progress through your pipeline. You’ll finally be able to see who is sending you the best people, whether it’s an agency, job board, sourcer, or referrer.


Pipeline Reports

See the health of your interview pipeline and how it’s changing over time. Where are candidates getting stuck? Where are interviewers spending the most time? Where are people dropping out in the process? Now you can see the bottlenecks and correct them.



See how long it’s taking to fill a job and to get a candidate through the process. Compare it by job, department, and recruiter.


Performance Management

Understand the performance of each member of your team. For the recruiting team, this may be how many candidates they’ve found, scheduled, moved through the pipeline, and hired. For the rest of your team, this includes the number of referrals they’ve made, interviews they’ve conducted, and how quickly they’re filling out scorecards.

Report Features

Each report can be exported to Exel, and includes a variety of filtering options, along with the ability to drill down into each number to see the actual candidates being referenced.