Manage Your Pipeline

To keep candidates from slipping into hiring limbo, it’s critical to always know what the next step should be. Greenhouse makes this a snap by creating a to-do list of tasks to be completed, and sending you alerts when a candidate is falling through the cracks.



To ensure that no one falls through the cracks, Greenhouse will assign an alert status to any candidates that have been in a stage for too long. Alert settings can be configured for each job and each stage in the job’s Interview Plan.

New Applications to Review

Easily triage new applicants by reviewing applications in succession with the Application Review tool. For each application, choose “Advance to Next Stage,” “Leave in Application Review,” or “Reject.” Additionally, the “Leave Feedback” option will add your overall impression and any comments to the candidate’s application.

Needs Decision

When all scorecards for a particular stage have been submitted, the next step will be to decide to either advance the candidate to the next stage or reject them.

Interviews to Schedule

Once a candidate has been advanced to the next stage in the pipeline, it’s time to schedule the interview(s) within that stage.

Interviews Today

All candidates with interviews scheduled that day will be listed here. For each candidate, we’ll tell you what interview they have and when, and which member of your hiring team will be conducting the interview.

Scorecards Due

After interviews, all candidates for whom scorecards need to be submitted will be listed, along with the name of the interviewer, how long it’s been since the interview took place, and a “Send Reminder” button (which sends an email based on the Scorecard Reminder email template to the interviewer). If you were the interviewer, you will see a “Submit Scorecard” button instead.Take-Home Tests

Take-Home Tests

Greenhouse enables you to have special stages that require take-home tests instead of a live interview. If you opt for testing, you will be able to view all candidates in the Take-Home Test stage for whom tests need to be sent or graded.


If a candidate makes it to the last stage in the pipeline, it's time to make a job offer! This is an exciting, complicated moment, and Greenhouse has a world of tools to make it go as smoothly as possible. (More on this in a second.)