Plan Your Hiring Process

Experienced interviewers don't wing it on their hiring plan. Instead, they give each interview a specific purpose and make sure every candidate fields the exact same questions. Greenhouse provides all the tools you need for powerful, structured interviewing.


Custom Hiring Criteria for Each Job

The first step in landing your dream candidate is figuring out exactly who you’re looking for. Greenhouse gives you complete control over the hiring plan criteria for each job—skills, traits, qualifications, as well as custom categories unique to your organization. You can be as specific as you need for every position.

Hiring Plan Recruiting

Custom Interview Plans for Every Job

Different jobs require different skills and traits from the ideal candidate, and your interview plan should be just as unique. Hiring a copywriter? Build a writing test into the process. Someone who presents to clients? Have them do a panel interview with your management team. Our customized interview plans let you tailor the hiring process for every position.


Every Interview Has a Specific Purpose

You can't learn everything you need to know about a candidate in a single interview, so set up each interview to uncover a different piece of the puzzle. By the end of the process, you’ll have a complete picture of the candidate, and can make an offer with confidence. With Greenhouse, it's a cinch to spell out the purpose of every interview, keeping your interviewers focused on the key areas they need to hit, and making it easier to tell if they missed anything afterwards.

Take-Home Tests

The best way to find out if someone is a good fit for a position is to have them actually do the job as part of the interview process. Developers should tackle a coding exercise, marketers should put together a campaign proposal, designers should create an asset for your company. In short, if you’re looking to identify skills, test for them.

With Greenhouse, testing is built into the interview-planning process, and it’s indispensable for weeding out smooth-talking candidates that don’t have the hard skills to be successful on the job. Send candidates skills tests through Greenhouse, and we’ll automatically notify you and the test-grader when candidates have submitted their completed tests. You can access those tests within Greenhouse at any time and submit feedback through the system.


Testing Partners

Want to streamline your tests with video interviews or real-time coding exercises? No problem! Greenhouse offers an open API to seamlessly integrate a variety of testing partners into your hiring plan.

Want to have a video-interview stage? Use HireVue to browse, watch, rate, and share interviews. Want to have your candidates take a programming test? Try HackerRank, a coding-contest platform used by companies to screen candidates for specific programming skills.