Schedule Interviews

Scheduling interviews is a pain. Greenhouse helps get dates on the calendar more quickly by showing you what interviews need to be scheduled, giving you pre-filled interview invitations with all of the necessary information, and sending you email reminders for both upcoming interviews and outstanding scorecards.


Use Any Calendar

Whether you use Outlook, Google, iCal, or another tool as your primary calendar, Greenhouse will integrate with it. This helps interviewers keep their free/busy information up-to-date and can also make it easier to check conference room availability during the scheduling process. Whether you are setting up new interviews or making changes to existing ones, Greenhouse syncs with your calendar.

Schedule Multiple Interviews at Once

Locking down dates that work for everyone is a juggling act, and coordinating multiple interviews for the same candidate can be tricky. That’s why Greenhouse lets you schedule all of the interviews for a particular stage at once—so you have a holistic view of every interview, including who’s conducting it, and when and where it’s taking place.

Interviews to Schedule

When a candidate gets advanced into a new (or initial) interview stage, Greenhouse will give you a heads-up about it, displaying “Interviews to Schedule” as a task. Conveniently, the admin dashboard displays the total number of people who need to be scheduled for interviews, and you can kick off the scheduling process right from there.

Preparing Interviewers

When scheduling an interview, Greenhouse will automatically include a link to the Interview Kit, which gives the Interviewer everything they need to conduct the interview. This includes instructions of what to focus on, the candidate’s resume and contact details, the scorecard to fill out afterwards, and the other employees who will be on the interview panel.

Interview Reminder Emails

Greenhouse keeps track of every scheduled interview, and automatically sends email reminders to interviewers the morning of their interviews. In addition to reminding the interviewer of the important details (e.g. name of candidate, type of interview, etc.), the emails also include a link to the Interview Kit.

Scorecard Reminder Emails

To keep the hiring process moving smoothly, Greenhouse automatically sends an email to interviewers shortly after their interview, reminding them to fill out and submit a scorecard. Greenhouse will automatically assign and display “Scorecards Due” as a task with a convenient “Send Reminder” option that admins can use if interviewers need a nudge beyond the one-time automated reminder from Greenhouse.