Score Candidates

After each interview, it’s important to get structured, written feedback in the same form from your interviewers. Greenhouse’s candidate scorecards make it second nature to do exactly that.


Key Take-Aways

The key take-aways section lets interviewers record their overall impressions of the interview, as well as any pros and cons, or strengths and weaknesses.

Custom Questions

Easily add custom questions to any Interview Kit to make sure you’re getting exactly the information you need. Creating custom questions works hand-in-hand with the interview prep section and helps interviewers focus on the right questions during the interview. Have them ask about culture fit, technical skills, or the candidate’s ability to work as part of a team—anything you want.

Overall Recommendation

The overall recommendation is a single, actionable data point—did the candidate pass the interview or not? It’s designed to help you move the best candidates through your pipeline quickly. If a candidate passes all the interviews in their current stage, you can advance them to the next stage and start scheduling interviews. If they don’t, you can send them a rejection email in a timely manner.

Skills, Traits, and Qualifications

This part of the scorecard allows you to grade candidates on the hiring criteria specific to each job. By using the consistent, simple grading system, it’s easy for interviewers to provide detailed feedback that will help you make better hiring decisions.