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Webinar, Talent operations

How remote work impacts total compensation

As the global business world embraces distributed and mixed-setting work indefinitely, total compensation remains the next big hurdle for employers to tackle. Factors such as relocation, localized…

Webinar, Structured hiring, Talent strategy

Climbing the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve

Becoming great at hiring is more than a theory. At Greenhouse, we’ve worked with thousands of companies worldwide and seen firsthand how impactful an effective talent strategy is for business…

Article, Talent strategy

Applying employee lifetime value (ELTV) to articulate the ROI of people practices

Leverage our proposal template and supporting data to take the concept of employee lifetime value (ELTV) and apply it to real-world situations. This template will show you how to frame people…

eBook, Talent strategy

How to understand the ROI of investing in people

Measuring an employee’s lifetime value (ELTV) enables companies to see the impact of hiring on business outcomes more accurately than ever before. In this whitepaper, we’ll walk you through a case…

eBook, Company culture, Talent strategy

The Greenhouse Talent Maker primer: How to create a culture of great hiring

Learn how leaders are transforming the way their companies attract, hire and onboard talent to drive business growth. The ability to find, attract and hire great people has become more competitive…

Webinar, Candidate sourcing, Recruiter tips

Mind your pipeline with Greenhouse

Your talent pipeline is your most valuable asset. Whether you’re experiencing a sudden increase in applicants or prospecting for future roles, how you manage your pipeline today will determine your…

eBook, Hiring tech stack, Talent strategy

Detailed professional services guide

When considering the hiring software that’s right for you, you’ll need more than a set of features that promise results – you need a partner to guide you as your business grows and your business and…

eBook, Hiring tech stack, Talent operations

Seamless integrations and tech stack guide

Integrations are arguably the most important aspect of any tech stack, particularly when it comes to a seamless user experience and the protection of employee and candidate data. Because Greenhouse…

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