A guide to the most common recruiting CRM use cases

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Recruiting CRMs are an increasingly popular sourcing strategy for a lot of great reasons. So you know you need a CRM – but how do you actually action it? The most common questions we get asked are about the practical side of setting up a CRM strategy: What are the most common use cases for CRM? What types of communication strategies might you use? How do you leverage a CRM most effectively? To shed some light on the topic, we’ve gathered some operational scenarios that might help you design the CRM strategy that will work for your business.

In the "A Guide to the Most Common CRM Use Cases: Best Practices and Real-Life Scenarios" eBook, Greenhouse Portfolio Manager, Jennifer Ho, dives into the following CRM use cases:

  • Internal Talent Marketplace
  • Silver Medalists
  • Talent Community
  • Cold Outreach
  • Alumni
  • Interns
  • Contingent Workforce
  • College Recruitment

Download the eBook to learn more about practical CRM use cases and how to effectively action your CRM to support you in making hiring your company's competitive advantage.

So you know you need a CRM – but how do you actually action it? These operational scenarios will help as you design a CRM strategy that will work for your business.”

Jennifer Ho

Portfolio manager, new products at Greenhouse

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