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Why you need to improve your hiring – Executive advocate one-pager

Even if you know you need an ATS and understand the importance of getting better at hiring, it can be hard to get your executive leadership on the same page – they’ll need digestible points,…

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How to hire in the age of remote work

Talent teams are facing a new challenge: fully-remote hiring. How can you deliver the best candidate experience, remotely? And how can you hire top talent you’ve never met in person?


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A guide to candidate pipeline management

Design an efficient process with Greenhouse to streamline your top of funnel and effectively nurture talent for future hiring Whether you’ve experienced a sudden influx of applicants or you’re…

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The business leader’s guide to building a hiring culture

If you want to win at business, you have to win with people – and that means you have to win at hiring. Whatever your business situation, people will always be the most important factor in achieving your goals. Which makes hiring your most valuable strategy to building the culture you need to drive your business forward.

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How leaders are addressing diversity: Ellen McGirt, Fortune

Hear from Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor at Fortune, on how some senior leaders are stepping outside of their day-to-day routine to better address diversity within their organizations.

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Excellence in candidate experience

How to provide human connection in a virtual world Today’s working world is changing rapidly. As recruiters everywhere pivot from in-person to virtual-first communication strategies, more and more…

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Recruiter agility: Building a strong hiring foundation when you’re not hiring

Hiring plans are subject to change. Especially during times of uncertainty. As recruiters, you already know how to be nimble and navigate the ever-changing needs of your company. But what do you focus on when you’re not hiring?

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Achieving equal pay: Patty McCord, Netflix

Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, discusses the differences in compensation for female- and male-identifying employees and what can be done to equalize it.

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