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Webinar, Recruiting metrics, Talent operations

Optimize and streamline series – Design workflows to support data-driven outcomes

Design workflows to support data-driven outcomes In this webinar we cover: How to audit and improve your data quality Success measures you can adopt to assess your ongoing hiring workflows…

Webinar, Talent operations

Optimize and streamline series – Control access to enable your teams

Control access to enable your teams In this webinar we cover: User management, security and compliance best practices Tools to keep all teams accountable and on task Continuous communication…

Webinar, Talent operations, Talent strategy

Optimize and streamline series – Build a more efficient hiring process

Build a more efficient hiring process In this webinar we cover: The importance of a structured hiring process as the foundation for more inclusive and better hiring decisions Best practices…

Article, Candidate experience

Exploring the truth about candidate portals

There’s no denying that the number one complaint from applicants is that they often don’t hear back. To many employers, an obvious solution for providing access to this information is a candidate portal – a website that candidates can log into to see the status of their application at any time without ever speaking with the hiring team. Here's why candidate portals aren't the best solve.

Webinar, Recruiting metrics, Talent strategy

The ROI of effective recruiting

While successful companies recognize the value of quality hiring to reach strategic business goals, there may be a lack of ability to measure hiring data to optimize processes. From sourcing and…

Webinar, DE&I, Talent strategy

Committing to diversity in recruiting

The current climate is compelling companies to shift their approach toward how they recruit, screen and select talent. The increased need for your organization to ensure a fair and objective process…

Webinar, Structured hiring, Talent strategy

Structured hiring: How to achieve the best hiring outcomes

Why structured hiring leads to better outcomes The goal of recruiting is to efficiently hire top talent for your organization. This is a straightforward objective that recruiters, hiring managers…

Podcast, Structured hiring, Talent strategy

Greenhouse Hiring Maturity success stories – Episode 4: Heather Doshay, Webflow

Hear from today’s talent thought leaders to discover how a winning talent strategy drives real business results.

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