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Video, Candidate sourcing, DE&I

Reentering the workforce: Building opportunities for untapped talent with fair chance hiring

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Building Belonging 2021 While background checks have been used for decades in the hiring process, they can reduce access to meaningful work…

Video, Candidate experience, DE&I

How to create high impact and inclusive experiences: Lessons from the field

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Building Belonging 2021 In our hybrid working world, creating an amazing and highly inclusive candidate experience requires a thoughtful…

Video, DE&I, Talent operations

A meaningful approach: Embedding DE&I into the DNA of talent acquisition

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Building Belonging 2021 Stacey Gordon, Chief Diversity Strategist at Rework Work, has made it her mission to reduce bias in global talent…

Video, DE&I, Structured hiring

Enabling belonging through structured hiring: How to build an inclusive recruiting process

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Building Belonging 2021 It’s a given that adding structure to any process enables efficiency – and that having better data leads to better…

Webinar, DE&I, Recruiting metrics

Sustaining DE&I in 2021 and beyond

Learn strategies from DE&I thought leaders Innovative companies know that inclusive hiring drives business success. But even with the best intentions, unconscious bias can creep into your hiring…

Webinar, DE&I, Talent strategy

Awareness, action, and accountability: Embedding technology into DEI hiring strategies

To truly elicit change we must rely on further education and lean on the use of technology to assist. By leveraging tools that call out and mitigate unconscious and systemic bias, and coupling these…

Article, DE&I

How to build a DE&I recruiting strategy: A four-pillar framework

One of many things you can do in your work toward creating and improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) on your team and at your company is to create an actionable DE&I recruiting strategy. Here's a framework to get started.

Webinar, Candidate sourcing, DE&I

Strengthening DE&I in your sourcing and interviewing

Most companies know that a successful diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategy is more than a talk track – it takes intentional, organization-wide change. But while many talent and business…

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