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Our co-founders wrote the book on great hiring – and now it’s available for preorder. In Talent Makers, you’ll get insights from top business leaders and strategies on how to turn hiring into a strategic advantage at your company.

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Join the conversation now to hear valuable talent strategy, insights, guidance and actionable takeaways for your business. In each episode, you’ll learn from smart people at the forefront of hiring who will share their experiences and learnings with you.

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Webinar, Structured hiring, Talent strategy

Structured hiring: How to achieve the best hiring outcomes

Why structured hiring leads to better outcomes The goal of recruiting is to efficiently hire top talent for your organization. This is a straightforward objective that recruiters, hiring managers…

Webinar, Talent operations

How remote work impacts total compensation

As the global business world embraces distributed and mixed-setting work indefinitely, total compensation remains the next big hurdle for employers to tackle. Factors such as relocation, localized…

Webinar, Hiring maturity, Structured hiring

Climbing the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve

Becoming great at hiring is more than a theory. At Greenhouse, we’ve worked with thousands of companies worldwide and seen firsthand how impactful an effective talent strategy is for business…

Webinar, Candidate sourcing, Recruiter tips

Mind your pipeline with Greenhouse

Your talent pipeline is your most valuable asset. Whether you’re experiencing a sudden increase in applicants or prospecting for future roles, how you manage your pipeline today will determine your…

Webinar, Distributed hiring & work, Talent strategy

How to hire in the age of remote work

Talent teams are facing a new challenge: fully-remote hiring. How can you deliver the best candidate experience, remotely? And how can you hire top talent you’ve never met in person?


Webinar, Candidate experience

Excellence in candidate experience

How to provide human connection in a virtual world Today’s working world is changing rapidly. As recruiters everywhere pivot from in-person to virtual-first communication strategies, more and…

Webinar, Recruiter tips, Talent operations

Recruiter agility: Building a strong hiring foundation when you’re not hiring

Hiring plans are subject to change. Especially during times of uncertainty. As recruiters, you already know how to be nimble and navigate the ever-changing needs of your company. But what do you focus on when you’re not hiring?

Webinar, Distributed hiring & work

How Greenhouse supports distributed hiring

As businesses worldwide move to a fully distributed working model, you may be facing some new challenges around hiring. Maintaining structured processes can help your teams collaborate better and…

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