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Read the definitive book on great hiring – available now

Our co-founders wrote the book on great hiring – available everywhere books are sold. In Talent Makers, you’ll get insights from top business leaders and strategies on how to turn hiring into a strategic advantage at your company.

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Listen to the Greenhouse podcast: Hiring for what’s next

Join the conversation now to hear valuable talent strategy, insights, guidance and actionable takeaways for your business. In each episode, you’ll learn from smart people at the forefront of hiring who will share their experiences and learnings with you.

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Webinar, Candidate sourcing, Talent strategy

Innovative global hiring strategies for 2022

Discover how the world’s top companies are attracting and hiring today’s best talent. Watch this webinar on demand to hear from leaders at Greenhouse, Hibob and ThinkHuman.

Podcast, Social impact, Talent strategy

The What’s your why? podcast: featuring Brandi Bergstrom at Heartex

Hosted by Ariana Moon, Director of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse, the What's your why? podcast series features recruiters from influential companies like Fastly, OneTrust, Coursera, VaynerX and more.

eBook, Candidate sourcing, Talent strategy

Outbound sourcing: Best practices for talent leaders

When developing your outbound sourcing strategy, email is one of the most familiar, reputable and effective approaches to communicate with prospective candidates. Since top prospects likely receive…

Webinar, Hiring maturity, Structured hiring

The culture architects: The changing role of People teams

Greenhouse sponsored Remote Connect’s first annual conference, Remote Connect 2022: Building Belonging in the New World of Work. Hear from experts at Remote Connect, Stanley Black & Decker and Greenhouse on the untapped power of HR.

Article, Recruiter tips, Structured hiring

Navigating a structured hiring and kickoff process

A structured hiring kickoff like a GPS app – before this tool was universally available, we relied on complex, fold-out maps to try to find where we needed to go. GPS technology, on the other hand, gives a well laid out series of directions that gets us to the front door of our destination.

Webinar, DE&I, Structured hiring

Prioritizing fairness and DE&I in your hiring strategy

We brought together top talent and diversity experts from Greenhouse, Checkr and Justice Reskill to give real-world advice on maintaining your commitment to equitable hiring. Learn why high-volume…

eBook, DE&I, Talent strategy

The Talent Maker’s guide to inclusive hiring

An inclusive hiring guide for every Talent Maker If you’re a Talent Maker, you’re a leader who believes and acts as if hiring great talent is your top priority. Maybe you’re a VP of Sales, a…

Worksheet, DE&I, Structured hiring

How to build an inclusive recruiting process

Check your bias and your list: A worksheet to help you assess your inclusive hiring It’s a given that adding structure to any process enables efficiency – and that having better data leads to…

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