Structured onboarding worksheets 101 - design an onboarding plan for your new hires

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By standardizing a company-wide onboarding process for every new hire, regardless of their role or the team they join, you ensure that everyone starts with the same information. You’ll be arming your new hire with vital context about the company and how they fit in, fostering a sense of confidence. A recipe for the warm and fuzzies, if you ask us!

In the "Structured Onboarding Worksheets 101: Design Your Company Onboarding Plan" eBook, Greenhouse Portfolio Manager, Jennifer Ho, dives into the scenarios below as it pertains to what you should be thinking about when new hires join your company:

  • The Week Before
  • The Day Of
  • The First Week

Download the Worksheets to learn more about how to put together your company’s new hire onboarding program.