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Webinar, DE&I

Creating an inclusive hiring process

Is it really a pipeline problem? While working to close gaps in the educational pipeline is critically important, it’s only part of the equation – Paradigm has found that 98% of organizations already…

Webinar, Hiring tech stack

Before you buy: What you need to know about purchasing an enterprise ATS

Whether you’re getting ready to purchase an ATS for your business or just thinking about it, our goal is to take the pain out of the process. We've partnered with RecruitingDaily to discover how…

Webinar, DE&I

How to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Diversity in the workplace has so many benefits: It helps ensure your company reflects the clients you serve and the world around you, it creates a positive work environment, and it leads to better…

Webinar, Recruiter tips

Hiring hacks: How Kik built an interview process its engineers love

In this webinar, Joshua Dunton, a recruiter at Kik, shares how he has found a way to better automate the recruiting process and increase the involvement of Kik’s engineers.You’ll learn:How to filter…

Webinar, Recruiter tips

The KPI’s of strategic recruiting functions

In this webinar, Maia Josebachvili, former VP of People and Strategy at Greenhouse, shares how to use data to measure HR performance, become a strategic asset to business leaders, and make an…

Webinar, Recruiter tips

Programming 101 for recruiters

Think like a programmer. Talk like a programmer. Hire a programmer. Okay, so the formula may not be that simple, but learning how to speak tech talent's language is definitely a lot easier than you…

Webinar, Recruiter tips

How to hire a recruiting team

In this Entelo and Greenhouse webinar, we let Kenny Mendes take the reigns to share his story scaling Box from 40 people to over 1,200. Learn how to apply these strategies to structure and manage…

Webinar, Recruiter tips

An inside look at Coinbase’s recruiting approach

It’s no secret that today’s recruiters are faced with the daunting challenges of competing with other companies to hire not only the best engineers, but ones that are a solid, long-term fit with the…

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