Implementation & Training

How do I learn how to use Greenhouse?

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive virtual and live trainings, as well as various support options.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Most companies are using their Greenhouse-powered job board within two to six weeks. The exact time depends on the integration approach you choose, and how quickly your team completes the task. We recommend budgeting at least four weeks.

What training do you provide?

All customers have ongoing access to video-based training, how-to documents, and webinars.

Throughout implementation and after you go live, we’ll make sure you have all the training resources you need to teach your hiring managers (and the rest of the company!) to use Greenhouse.

What are the different permission levels in Greenhouse?

We have four by default:

  1. Site administrators are able to see and manage every job.

  2. Job administrators have the power to see and do most everything, but only on the jobs they're assigned to.

  3. Interviewers can see limited profiles of the candidates on their jobs and can submit candidate scorecards. Optionally, you can let your interviewers see the scorecard feedback from other interviewers.

  4. Basic Users can submit referrals and get personalized (and trackable) links for sharing open jobs with their social networks.

With our Pro and Enterprise products, you can also configure new job administrator permission levels to fine-tune users’ access to their assigned jobs.

How does Greenhouse keep sensitive information private?

Greenhouse knows how important it is to limit access to some information about a candidate (usually related to compensation). Our permissioning system ensures everyone only sees the data they're supposed to. And if you'd like to make an entire candidate private, you can do that too.

Which employees at my company should use Greenhouse?

All of them! Your recruiters and hiring managers will obviously be using Greenhouse on a deeper level than other staff. But interviewers will rely on Greenhouse to prepare for upcoming interviews and give candidate feedback afterwards. Management will want to use the reporting features to get an overview on how hiring is going. And everyone in the company will log in to make referrals and get links for posting job openings to their social networks.

Can I use Greenhouse with external recruiting agencies?

Greenhouse’s agency portal lets you invite third-party agencies to submit candidates directly into your database without them seeing any of your other candidate information. If you like, you can let them see their submitted candidates’ status and next scheduled interview.

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