Build a stronger business through more diverse teams.

Paired with Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Inclusion gives you the tools to scale an inclusive hiring process.

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Backed by research, scale an inclusive hiring process to hire the best teams possible.

  • Mitigate unconscious bias

  • Evaluate candidates consistently

  • Identify problem areas and measure success


Minimize the opportunity for unconscious bias.

Don’t let mental shortcuts or assumptions decrease the chance of hiring a great candidate.

  • “Nudge” employees with timely reminders at a key point in the hiring process to remember to engage in efforts to promote inclusion
  • Hide extraneous details, like candidate source, to reduce confirmation bias during the interview process
  • Grade assessments objectively with anonymous take-home tests


Make objective hiring decisions.

Ensure that all candidates are held to the same standards.

  • Define key decision criteria for a role up-front to avoid inadvertent shifting of that criteria during the interview process
  • Require skills rating explanations for more critical candidate evaluations


Identify areas for improvement and measure success.

Evaluate the impact of your inclusive hiring efforts and see how you can refine your process.

  • Collect applicant data with custom demographic questions within a job post
  • Get a holistic view of your pipeline and pass-through rates by demographic so you can learn where you might need to focus your efforts

Greenhouse Diversity & Inclusion Resources

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  • Managing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

    Human brains can only consciously process 40 pieces of information at a time. So it’s only natural that they might look for ways to take some shortcuts.

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  • How to Foster a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

    Diversity in the workplace has so many benefits, including better business results.

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