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Diverse teams produce stronger results.

Research has shown that diversity across all types of demographics (like gender, race and ethnicity, age, and nationality) leads to smarter, more innovative teams that are better at solving problems. Today, many leaders are committing to building diverse and inclusive cultures, with the goal of creating stronger businesses where everyone can thrive. Often, these initiatives center around hiring, and making sure there’s balanced demographic representation on an individual, team, and company-wide basis. One of the biggest hurdles companies face in making progress towards their goals is mitigating unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias interferes in the hiring process.

As humans, our brains make many connections and associations without us even realizing it. We develop mental shortcuts, which are influenced by patterns we pick up from the world around us. These mental shortcuts can limit our ability to make objective decisions, and result in unconscious bias. When it comes to hiring, people default to choosing candidates who are the most similar to themselves, and that criteria doesn’t always match up with the most qualified person for the job. Without structured guidance, one of the ways unconscious bias manifests is as a more homogenous workforce. The challenge is making sure each piece of your hiring funnel is set up to support your team’s ability to consistently make objective decisions.

Operationalize inclusive hiring practices.

Greenhouse and Paradigm have partnered to help you scale inclusive and effective hiring practices, so that you can build a stronger business. Paired with Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Inclusion helps companies:

  • Ensure candidates are evaluated consistently and fairly through structured decision making
  • Embed behavior change through in-the-moment interventions, which prompt team members to keep inclusion top of mind throughout the hiring process
  • Measure the impact of their efforts and get visibility into how to continually improve
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