Hire fast. Hire smart. Reduce turnover.

Using our assessment services and job matching tools, companies have reduced turnover from 44% to less than 5% and reduced time to hire by up to 35%. We can help you, too.

The Affintus assessment evaluates each candidate on three key work success factors: cognitive preferences, personality work style, and work culture match. Clients tell us that because Affintus ranks the best candidates first, they avoid spending time evaluating unqualified candidates.

How many hiring mistakes did your company make last year? Using Affintus data, predictions of future performance are about three times more accurate than those based on job experience and about four times more predictive as years of education.

Do you want to promote from within? With Affintus you can match current employees to the new job requirements to see each employee’s best next move.

Do you struggle with recruiting? Use Affintus to match every candidate who has previously applied to new job openings to discover which people are a great fit. As your Affintus talent pool grows, you’ll be in a stronger and stronger position to hire rapidly. Think about what it would mean to have your first interview with a top candidate within two days rather than two weeks …or two months.

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