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Make better hiring decisions

Make better hiring decisions with Alva. Combining psychology with technology like AI and machine learning, our digital platform gives you predictive and unbiased insights into the personality and logical abilities of your candidates.

With Alva you can:

Assess candidates objectively

Our evidence-based tests help you eliminate unconscious bias and increase hiring precision.

Save time and effort

Our psychometric tests are automated and can be implemented in a few clicks, helping you pinpoint the best talent in a large pool of applicants.

Get clear and actionable results

Our comprehensive test results are displayed in visual graphs that are easy to interpret and utilize.

Deliver a great candidate experience

Our carefully designed UX ensures candidate experience is simple, seamless, and positive.

Conduct interviews in a structured way

Our interview scorecard helps you interview candidates objectively and gain better insights into their job performance.

Predict how candidates will fit in your team

Our team insights can help you understand how different candidates will complement your team.

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