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Intelligence-driven talent acquisition

Arya positions you to uniquely combine the powerful benefits of AI without losing the importance of the human touch. With Arya, you can identify top talent faster than the competition, engage immediately with personalized messaging, build high-quality candidate pipelines that are ready to move, track successful hires, and instantaneously find similar candidates.

Arya uses machine learning to identify successful sourcing patterns and draws potential candidates out of millions of online profiles by applying proprietary algorithms to your existing resume database and beyond. As a machine learning tool, Arya gets smarter from use over time by implementing strategic feedback and learned successes and failures to pivot your sourcing strategy toward ideal candidates and long-term hires. Preview your top candidates from multiple sources in a single, de-duplicated list and start engaging with one communication tool across multiple channels. Our engagement suite allows you to meet candidates where they want to connect via email, text, chatbot and click-to-call.

Arya mines 100+ professional and industry datasets using behavior pattern recognition to target and gauge a candidate’s likeliness to move and then automatically begins a conversation about the relevant role. The candidate experience is fully personalized with follow-ups, answers to their most-asked questions, and a scheduling tool that allows interviews to be scheduled behind the scenes in real-time.

Arya also learns, tracks, and retains hiring patterns and trends to feed Arya’s core intelligence and begin identifying ideal candidates for similar roles, building long-term recruiting strategies for your entire team. Recruiters cut corners with unconscious bias-based hiring, which bleeds into unsuccessful diversity and equality initiatives. Arya aggregates relevant, real-time data from 100+ different diverse sources to identify top talent and connect the right candidates with the right companies.

Don’t worry about outdated information and tainted data. Arya monitors, refines, and tests each aggregated data point for fairness, accuracy, relevance, and data security on a consistent basis to provide the freshest and most reliable candidate, job, and industry data for your recruiting team in real-time.

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