Zero Touch SaaS Operations

BetterCloud is the market leader for SaaS Operations. With SaaS adoption growing 38% YoY, an average IT team is now responsible for managing and securing 110+ SaaS applications. Existing solutions are not designed to handle aggressive SaaS sprawl. By automating critical work like user lifecycle management and data protection, BetterCloud's thousands of customers enjoy greater employee productivity and more secure IT environments. With unrivaled SaaS expertise and a powerful integration library, BetterCloud’s SaaS Management Platform typically enables true "Zero Touch" SaaS operations in less than two months.

With BetterCloud and Greenhouse, you can:

  • Automate user onboarding and offboarding - With BetterCloud, you can quickly grant new users access to Greenhouse and apply the appropriate job permission.

  • Update user settings - Admins can make one-off and bulk changes to user’s job permissions and profile information

  • Assign custom admin roles. Delegate the types of actions that admins can take (create, edit, delete) and limit their access to sensitive information in Greenhouse.