AI-Powered Pre-hire Assessments

To begin, we need to understand what success looks like in your organization. What key business metric are you looking to achieve in your team? Our talent management solutions are driven by predictive analytics, and our predictive analytics are calibrated on the answer to this question.

The first step in any Cangrade partnership is for us to conduct a “Benchmarking” assessment that matches your success metric to the levels of a range of personality markers, motivational aspects, and soft skills in your current employees.

Once our predictive analytics calculate the keys to success in your organization, we use them to power our suite of Strategic Talent Management products. We also provide you with the detailed report of your team's success drivers.

Predictive Job-Fit Scoring

The chances are that Cangrade's job-fit scoring algorithm, produced as the result of benchmarking your existing team, will be the most accurate tool at your disposal to predict a future employee success.

Cangrade score is a two-digit number from 1 to 99 that is calculated by the machine learning algorithm that takes into the account all the existing patterns that were found to lead to employee success.

Personality Report

Cangrade's personality report provides an insight into the factors that led to scoring a candidate a certain way. This is a great tool to increase the adoption of the assessment technology among your HR staff and hiring managers. It gives them a sense of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses even before an in-person interview.

Structured Interview Guide

Our strong recommendation is to conduct a personality assessment before an interview. This way not only you are able to focus your HR professionals' and hiring managers' time on more qualified candidates, but also you can inform your interview by the assessment results. Cangrade's Structured Interview Guide is built specifically to serve this purpose

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