AI-powered Assessments and Video Interviews

By analyzing your current workforce performance metrics, Cangrade creates robust and bias-free AI-models that empower you to hire, develop and retain high-performing employees.

Combining AI-powered assessment with guided video interviews, we enable HR organizations to optimize talent acquisition – even while keeping social distancing requirements – by quickly identifying applicants with the right fit for any role 4-10X more accurately than a standard job interview.


AI-powered Virtual Hiring

Using the Cangrade AI Success Models, we enable HR organizations to put in place a data-driven remote hiring process that can be up and running in less than a week and doesn’t compromise quality and diversity goals:

  • Quickly screen applicants with an AI-powered assessment that is bias-free and 4X more accurate than traditional interviews
  • Easily review and score structured video interviews using custom-tailored questions based on each candidate’s assessment results

Employee Re-assignment and Re-skilling

Cangrade’s AI-powered models can also be used to optimize workforce realignment efforts – identifying the most suitable employees to step into new roles and leadership positions, pinpointing gaps in their competences, and providing the most effective skills development program for each employee.

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