Model top performers and find look-alikes in minutes

Censia Talent Intelligence is the first intelligent people platform powered by AI and data science to match enterprises with people with radical efficiency and equality. Find the best candidates in minutes, including the 95% of talent that’s passive and not applying for jobs.

Sourcing for a role is typically a laborious manual search process, and it has become the biggest impediment to hiring quality and speed. Censia is changing the way we think about this entire process, how we define each role, how we search for candidates and how we engage the best people.

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform uses real people - top performers in your company or the industry - to model The Ideal Candidate for every role. Modeling based on real people focuses on the key attributes that make for a great performer in any job.

Our AI-powered data platform matches the model against 100% of the talent pool, passive and active, and delivers the best candidates in minutes. Censia brings huge gains in recruiting efficiency, reduces bias, and drives better alignment between recruiters and hiring managers.

Censia customers identify the best candidates in minutes, get them into interviews in days, and hire in 1/3 of the time it used to take. Now their recruiting teams spend their time on high value tasks that improve the candidate experience, improve the brand, and better serve the needs of the business.

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