Simple, accurate, and tailored background checks

Checkr offers compliant and nationally accredited background screening with a modern experience that makes the process simpler and more efficient for both companies and applicants. Hire faster and smarter with in-depth and accurate reports customized and scaled to your business needs.

A fast-growing modern national background screening company with top clients like Uber, Instacart and Warby Parker, Checkr provides both an intuitive web application as well as a RESTful API to help companies of any size run their screening processes automatically and securely. And integrated with Greenhouse, Checkr’s simple and fast background screening solution streamlines your hiring process to get great talent working for your company sooner.

Compliant Checkr takes stringent measures to not only meet FCRA compliance but also to maintain accreditation with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Our embedded Compliance Engine carefully follows both national and state laws to give you fast and accurate reports.

Applicant Friendly With our applicant on-boarding flow available via both web and mobile, we bring Checkr screening directly to applicants on their preferred devices. Our on-boarding experience is worry free and never complicated, and easily monitored from your Greenhouse dashboard.

Efficient and Simple Checkr reports are clear, concise and actionable. Quickly identify violations with our color-coded reports and effectively communicate with applicants via streamlined compliance tools -- without ever leaving your dashboard.

Live Support Our on-site U.S-based support team is available during business hours, along with in-house legal and compliance teams that possess decades of screening experience. Combine the speed of an algorithm with human expertise to get the best applicants faster.

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