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What is CoderPad? CoderPad lets you instantly write and execute code with an interviewee, right in the browser. It sports a collaborative text editor and shared realtime consoles. You can execute code written in most languages within seconds of starting an interview with a programmer.

The standard phone screen or onsite interview formula for programmers hasn't changed much in the last decade. You ask a small programming question and the candidate writes out an answer as best they can on either a whiteboard or shared document in something like Etherpad. It's a thankless task, bereft of the thousands of tools programmers have invented to make coding intelligible.

CoderPad offers a kinder path for interviewers and candidates who are sick of whiteboarding coding questions. It's 2014 - programmers should program and computers should compute. CoderPad runs your code against real compilers and gives you powerful REPLs to play with.

CoderPad + Greenhouse

Now that Greenhouse has a CoderPad integration, you can send Greenhouse invitations with links to a unique CoderPad session ahead of time to interviewers and candidates. Simply add your CoderPad API key to your Greenhouse account settings and hit "Add CoderPad Link" when scheduling an interview. It'll generate a unique link for that interview so that when the appointed time rolls around, both parties can jump into the CoderPad session without any awkward exchange of links on the phone or email.

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