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What is CoderPad?

CoderPad is the leading technical interview platform for teams that need a simple, fast solution to help accurately assess candidates throughout the hiring stages. It works like an IDE to emulate real world scenarios and is easily personalized to specific development team needs - ensuring a positive experience for both the candidate and the interviewer.

Through its simplicity, speed and reliability, CoderPad has become a proven solution to help recruiters and hiring managers find better technical candidates - faster. That’s why top companies around the world, like Netflix, Slack and Snowflake, rely on CoderPad to help them prioritize quality talent and scale their technical hiring efforts

CoderPad + Greenhouse

CoderPad’s native integration with Greenhouse enables both you and your candidates to have a seamless experience at every step of the hiring process.

CoderPad Live

The CoderPad Live integration with Greenhouse enables you and your candidates to write and execute code collaboratively during an interview - right in your browser. Scheduling and inviting candidates to Live sessions is simple and done directly in Greenhouse.

CoderPad Take-Homes

The CoderPad Take-Home integration with Greenhouse allows you to send questions and assignments to candidates conveniently from Greenhouse. After a Take-Home is completed, you can review test case results, fill out their scorecard and see their progress directly in Greenhouse.

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