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Collage is a customer favourite for providing easy-to-use and efficient HR, payroll, and benefits administration software. Our platform was built for the needs of small-to-medium businesses who want to make the transition from tracking employee information and benefits enrolments in multiple spreadsheets to using an automated and organized HRIS.

Collage’s features include new hire onboarding, online benefits enrolment, document storage, time off tracking, and modern 360 reviews. In-house payroll experts can help you manage and process payroll, plus or software syncs directly with leading payroll providers and employee benefits carriers. That means when information is updated in one place, it’s automatically reflected everywhere else. You don’t have to switch vendors, carriers, or plans.

Hundreds of companies across the country use Collage to eliminate painful manual processes, reduce errors, and improve compliance. With our seamless Greenhouse ATS integration, we’re making it even easier for businesses to grow their talent without growing their administrative burden.

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