Simplify compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more

DataGrail helps Greenhouse customers comply with Europe’s (GDPR), California’s (CCPA), Nevada’s (SB 220) and similar privacy regulations. The regulations require on-demand access and deletion of a requester's personal data -- particularly anything that may be associated with an email address -- across all business systems.

Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with DataGrail allows Greenhouse customers the ability to perform request and deletion of personal data. DataGrail also allows for unification of communication preferences via a Preference Card that integrates with all the leading customer-facing systems.

Integration Video Tutorial: Here

How to use the DataGrail Integration with Greenhouse:

  • Your company’s designated team that handles Privacy Requests will use this integration to query the API to retrieve a candidate record upon their request
  • Should the Greenhouse Site Admin need to be consulted to process the Privacy Request the designated team will contact them for further action

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