Automated online programming skills assessment

At DevSkiller we make assessing programmers skills look like their 1st day at work.

Here you are not limited to testing knowledge of programming languages, but you can also verify actual skills of candidate in certain frameworks and libraries. DevSkiller helps you verify programming skills with online coding tests which consist of real-life programming tasks and code review challenges.

It is easy to use for recruiters and provides them with automated coding scoring.

With DevSkiller you get 3 ways to assess coding skills: you can use ready to use assessment, generate your own from predefined catalog of coding tasks or create your own coding tasks using your own code base.

DevSkiller – what you can achieve?

By using DevSkiller you make your screening and sourcing process much more effective, efficient and accurate. Thus:

  • You decrease time-to-quality-hire significantly
  • You decrease not only a number of pointless interviews but also time of programmers spent on tech recruitment by 30-40% without hindering the recruitment process
  • Twice as many candidates who pass screening phase get hired meaning that preselection process is more accurate

DevSkiller – how we do it?

We help you effectively recruit tech talents thanks to DevSkiller unique features:

1. We cover all of the most popular programming languages, frameworks and libraries

With DevSkiller you are not limited to testing knowledge of programming languages, but you can verify actual skills of candidate in certain frameworks and libraries. Why is it important? Without it a developer will struggle himself to code everything by himself from scratch and just waste their and company’s time. If a programmer is familiar with libraries and frameworks then he can use it like lego to make what they need and write code only where it is necessary. By doing it this way their work is much more efficient.

2. We verify real coding skills through programming tasks and code review challenges

DevSkiller doesn’t use algorithmic tasks as they cannot serve as a proof of programmer’s abilities and ability to solve programming problems. Our coding assessments can consist of: choice question, programming tasks and code review challenges. We use coding tasks to let programmers show their skills in action. Code review challenges evaluate candidate's familiarity of design patterns and coding practices. It gives very accurate information about developer’s experience, their approach to code quality and efficiency of debugging and finding traps. Such an assessment should be obligatory when recruiting senior developers.

3. Our assessments imitates natural programming environment

Our coding tests are open-book exams, we let programmers use external sources and their favorite IDE just as they do on a daily basis at work. The best programmer is not the one that learns everything by heart, but the one who knows how to use the knowledge that is already developed and is able to build their solution on the top.

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