Introductions beat resumes

Referrals make the best hires. Finding the right team and hiring the right people is all about who you know. Drafted is the world’s first referral network. Within the first 2 minutes of signing up you will:

  1. Get recommendations for passive candidates in your 2nd and 3rd degree networks.
  2. 3x employee engagement when it comes to referrals using Drafted’s smart matching.
  3. Create an instant rewards program that works both inside and outside your company.
  4. Sync your jobs and candidates with Greenhouse.

Studies show that 40% of referrals that get hired come from sources outside your company. What’s more, referred hires stay longer, perform better, and are more likely to be happy at their jobs.

  1. Track - The Drafted + Greenhouse integration means you’ll never miss a referral again, and your referral pipeline will be topped up with the click of a button.
  2. Scale - Drafted supercharges your Greenhouse implementation by increasing your reach beyond your first degree network and incentivizing people outside your company to refer.
  3. Engage - Drafted makes it really fun and rewarding for community members to engage with your employment brand by smart-matching referrals and taking care of reward logistics. It’s the first app that let’s people make $5,000 for just clicking a thumbs-up.

Drafted makes it easy to execute referrals as a strategy because it takes care of all the reward logistics (like 1099’s and tax issues, stakeholder notifications, flat monthly pricing).

See for yourself with a 14 day free trial.

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