Build a best in class referral program

Drafted helps you bring your employee referral program to life, with just the right amount of automation and A.I. to make your team more efficient.

Referral programs can be a lot of work to scale. We all want more referrals without compromising on quality, diversity, and efficiency. Drafted is built with this in mind.

  • Smart referral suggestions: Add LinkedIn networks to get smart referral suggestions delivered weekly.
  • Notifications & Engagement: Keep your employees engaged through the Drafted Slack integration and staying up to date with automated status updates.
  • External referrals: Create your own company referral page to accept referrals from anyone - no code required.
  • Track: See all your referrals in one place, track metrics, and experiment with gamification using the Drafted leaderboard.
  • Seamless Greenhouse integration: Drafted syncs jobs and candidate statuses from Greenhouse so that you don’t have to.

Drafted customers enjoy a 2x higher referral rate on average, and save hundreds of hours spent on doing admin tasks for their referral program.

Drafted offers a free 7 day trial for all products, and starting prices as low as $10 / month.

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