Protect and grow your #1 asset with actionable insights with our People Management Platform.


DreamTeam unifies all your data from siloed HR tools in interactive, sharable dashboards. Gain full transparency into your company's recruiting and HR processes to make confident, data-driven decisions.

What We Do For You

DreamTeam unifies all the data across HR tools you already use and displays it via fully customizable dashboards that always reflect the most up-to-date information. This allows stakeholders (HR teammates, hiring managers, leadership) to make strategic decisions instead of digging through data.

User Experience

We built DreamTeam with recruiters and HR teammates in mind. This means it’s incredibly intuitive to customize our readymade templates or build your own from scratch. Dare we say, it’s also intensely satisfying to click around.


DreamTeam integrates with Greenhouse and other tools in just a few clicks, and provides ready-made templates so you get value right away.


DreamTeam is used by leading global organizations including Riskified, Fiverr, Pagaya, Melio, and coming soon: (Insert your organization’s name here).

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