People analytics that drives retention

Echovate is a people analytics platform with a focus on pre-interview, strategic onboarding and team optimization. We bridge the gap between pre-hire screening and employee engagement.

Getting the ‘right people in the right seats on the bus’ is a critical driver to high impact business outcomes. We take a unique approach with a focus on the individual contributor and what makes them successful. We are able to define where that person will be most effective and why. We then give you the insights and tools to maximize their post-hire effectiveness.

We break this down into four key areas:

Talent Alignment

Where and why will this individual fit in the organization? How do you make sure they are not just great at interviewing and selling themselves? With Echovate we visually represent the statistical significance and probability of success of a person through a similarity score to another person and to a persona. With that similarity score we are able to define where in the organization that person will be most effective and why.

Talent Mobility

Through our persona-based mapping we can better align employees and candidates to the right area and positions in the organization. Design a career path, maximize your candidate pipeline and find undiscovered talent in your organization. Personas are fully customizable to drive organizational design.

Team Optimization

The ability to replicate the success of teams, groups or locations is paramount to success. We analyze the totality of the team and what makes them successful. Based on this known success we can look at everyone in your organization and recommend placement as you look to grow and optimize the people you already have. We can even tell you which team that new candidate should be assigned to and what manager they should report to maximize success.

Strategic Onboarding

Tactical onboarding is all about compliance. What about strategic onboarding? We offer insights and coaching tools to help maximize their first 90 days, a critical retention milestone.

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