Hire faster, reduce attrition & add diversity

Eightfold delivers the Talent Intelligence Platform, the only complete solution for the talent needs of enterprises in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Embedded machine learning and deep learning technology give the Talent Intelligence Platform unprecedented speed, scale, insight and capability to drive the talent acquisition, talent management and diversity metrics that matter to HR, recruiting, finance, and senior leadership teams.

Eightfold Talent Acquisition provides unparalleled capabilities for businesses to find, engage and hire new staff faster and at lower cost than ever before possible. Eightfold reveals instant pipelines of qualified talent from everyone in the talent network: current applicants, current staff, past applicants, and alumni. Engagement tools with AI-powered personalization achieve unprecedented response rates. Inbound applicants can be matched with best-fit roles to increase the likelihood of application and hire. Overall, recruiters can source top candidates in a fraction of the time required by legacy tools, and reduce time-to-hire substantially.