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As the competition for top talent intensifies, we’ve experienced a fundamental shift in how companies approach talent acquisition. The demand for outbound recruiting means that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates using traditional inbound recruiting strategies. In fact, 47% of recruiters say they cannot find enough qualified candidates for their open roles.

On average, recruiters spend 13 hours/week (almost two full days!) sourcing candidates for a single role. With most recruiters sourcing multiple roles concurrently, they often have no time remaining to build meaningful relationships with candidates.

Given these constraints around time, resources, and candidate volume, over 50% of recruiters won’t meet their hiring goals. There has to be a better approach.

Designed with the modern recruiter’s daily workflow in mind, Entelo leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, to help your team source faster, smarter and better.

Focus your efforts and join the likes of Cisco, Genentech, Lyft, Netflix, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman and Target to build your team.

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