The leading smart employee referral software tool

Enable employees to easily make referrals to source the highest quality candidates as quickly as possible!

Mobile Employee Referrals

Empower your employees to participate in your employee referral program without interrupting their day job. The ERIN mobile app sends push notifications when new jobs are created and allows employees to make referrals with a single tap!

Referrals Tracking

Transparency and real-time communication is the foundation of any successful employee referral program. Allow your recruiters, HR, and employees to see who has been referred, who has been hired, and what bonuses have been earned.

Smart Referral AI

Your employees know hundreds of professionals, but are only thinking about a handful of possible candidates when they consider referrals. ERIN allows employees to connect their contacts to be automatically alerted when they know someone that is a good referral for your open positions.

Bonus Builder (Tiered Referrals)

Leverage referral bonuses to boost employee retention and tenure. The Bonus Builder feature allows you to build bonuses to be paid overtime – to employees and candidates! Track each bonus and payment date in ERIN and with our automated referral bonus due notifications.

Filter and Export Referral Data

When you implement ERIN you’re going to get a lot of referrals! That’s why we’ve made it easy to view and filter the data so you can quickly find the metrics you need. Need to know how many referrals have been made and hired in a specific department? No problem! You can even export the data to a .csv to use however you’d like!

Referral Finder

Sometimes your employees need to be prompted to make an awesome referral. The Finder allows you to search for Smart Referrals that match a job you are recruiting for and ask for a referral, without exposing who the contact is until your employee makes the referral!

Internal Mobility

Want to allow your employees to put their own names in for a position? Enable our internal mobility feature to allow employees to refer themselves! ERIN will automatically exclude employees from earning bonuses when they apply themselves.

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