Turn your network into a recruiting engine

With Firstbird you create your own network of Talent Scouts and encourage them to share your jobs on their social networks and make candidate referrals. Firstbird is packed with gamification and communication features to ensure your network of Talent Scouts stays engaged and is rewarded for certain activities. Setup your free account and watch those referrals roll in.

After setting up your account, you can invite your employees, alumni, and business partners to become Talent Scouts. Your Talent Scouts will share your company’s jobs on their social networks from their computer or smartphone, and refer candidates through their personal recommendations. The end result is an inflow of quality applications from candidates who are a perfect fit for your company. You can easily track the source of each referral and reward your network once you start making those hires!

Firstbird seamlessly integrates with greenhouse, creating a bridge between your ATS and the management of your referral network, making your hiring and referral journey a one-stop shop:

1. Publish your jobs from Greenhouse to Firstbird automatically, and we will distribute it to all your Talent Scouts.

2. Referrals received from your network are automatically migrated to your Greenhouse account, carrying all the information you need (who referred the candidate, from which network, etc.).

Firstbird offers a free version for unlimited evaluation. Give it a try.

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