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From onboarding to time-off tracking, benefits enrollment to ACA compliance, Flock makes your HR and Benefits Administration more streamlined, efficient and accurate by managing and automating these critical everyday processes. Flock centralizes all employee data and activity so it’s easily and quickly accessible while providing the detailed reporting administrators need. Now with the integration of Greenhouse into the Flock platform, HR professionals can automatically import all candidate information into Flock, further removing the administrative burden on HR. This lifts a major roadblock for companies, eliminating the unnecessary data entry and inconsistencies that occur with manual data entry.

Flock also bridges the gap between the convenience of online HR tools and the personal insight of an experienced broker partner to configure the right benefits plan for your company. Whether you’re currently working with a broker you’re happy with, or in need of a new benefits advisor, Flock has a solution to meet your needs.

Migrate to Flock... and simplify your HR, Benefits Administration, and Compliance with an easy to use all-in-one solution.

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