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The easiest way to text candidates in Greenhouse

Personal inboxes are noisier than ever, and so many recruiting emails go overlooked. The new generation of candidates far prefers texting, but it’s a real pain in the butt to use your personal device for sending messages. 😱

Sound about right?

You need a texting platform that integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse and is tailor-made for recruiting.

That’s where Grayscale comes in. 🙌

We designed our texting platform with Greenhouse in mind, so you can:

-Text candidates directly within Greenhouse

-Send personalized bulk messages to candidates

-Trigger messages via stage change in Greenhouse

-Import conversation transcript to the Activity Feed in Greenhouse

-Text on-the-go with our handy mobile app

And if you’re looking to supercharge your texting capabilities, we also offer:

-Text apply functionality to capture qualified leads at hiring events and store locations

-Automated candidate screening

-A calendar integration for scheduling interviews

Interested in learning more?

Check out this demo or click ‘Request a Demo’ above to schedule a custom demo with us.

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