Grayscale Texting

Text candidates and automate workflows in Greenhouse

Grayscale’s text recruiting platform is designed specifically for hiring teams. As Greenhouse’s “Customer Preferred Partner”, we offer the deepest texting integration and the most power automation capabilities with Greenhouse.

With Grayscale, you’re team can seamlessly...

Text candidates without leaving Greenhouse 💬

Send individual and bulk messages seamlessly within Greenhouse using Grayscale’s Chrome extension.

Automate candidate communication ⚙️

With Grayscale you can automate candidate communication throughout the hiring funnel. Send personalized texts simply by changing a candidate’s stage in Greenhouse. Or schedule an interview and let Grayscale handle the reminders and interview follow up. The options are limitless, so you can customize the perfect candidate experience for your brand.

Launch drip campaigns 📣

Get the word out about new openings, nurture relationships, and keep candidates warm with drip campaigns.

Eliminate interview ‘no shows’ with text reminders 📅

All you need to do is schedule the interview and Grayscale automatically sends text reminders to your candidates the day before the interview.

Let candidates apply via text 👋

Grayscale’s ‘text apply’ capabilities make it easy to attract more candidates and boost application conversion. Candidates text a keyword (e.g. ‘JOBS’) to a short code number (e.g. 89743) to explore openings and apply. Grayscale automatically creates a profile in Greenhouse.

Take the conversation on the go 📱

Leverage Grayscale’s mobile app to message with candidates while you’re on the go.

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Want to see Grayscale in action? Check out this quick demo 👉Grayscale's Greenhouse Integration [2-min video]

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