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Hiring programmers is not only a tedious process but also very time consuming. Right from the process of sourcing a pipeline of potential candidates, to short listing the right ones to ultimately conducting numerous rounds of interviews to hire the best candidate can take up a significant amount of time and effort.

And even after jumping through so many hoops there is no guarantee that you have hired the right candidate. HackerEarth has built a suite of products that help you not only reduce time and effort in hiring the right candidates but also ensure that you hire only the best developers for your organization.

HackerEarth offers 3 solutions for technical hiring

Developer outsourcing: Only 3% of all the candidates who enter a recruiting funnel, eventually get hired. HackerEarth, through it’s unique model of programming challenges/hackathons, helps you to build a pipeline of pre-­filtered candidates who have an active intent. HackerEarth has a thriving community of developers where thousands of developers log in every day to improve their programming skills, compete against each other and discover jobs. Target the right set of candidates for your organization using HackerEarth’s unique skill matching engine.

Technical Assessment: Over 85% of candidates drop out before reaching the final stage of hiring process. HackerEarth’s holistic technical assessment tool allows you to easily and quickly identify the best developers in your talent pipeline. Identify the right candidates for the job by giving them programming assignments that simulate the actual work they will do in their job. Interview only those candidates that meet your bar.

Remote Interviewing: Over 50% of the candidates under­-perform in phone interviews, particularly more so in case of technical interviews. That’s because telephonic interviews can be uncomfortable and might not bring out the best in a candidate. Interview programmers right in their comfort zone with HackerEarth’s remove interviewing tool, that has a programmer friendly web­-based code editor and seamlessly video/audio functionality.

Read what some of our customers have to say

With the traditional hiring approaches, our success ratio is 20:1 (out of 20 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify one suitable engineer). But with the HackerEarth approach, the success ratio was 4:1 (out of 4 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify a suitable engineer)­ - Intel Security

There are many pros to using HackerEarth recruit. We've saved a lot of time in the hiring process. But what has been even more important has been the quality of candidates that we have been able to unearth using HackerEarth recruit. Some of the candidates that we hired from campuses were in fact, better than our lateral hires. I'm not sure if we could have found such people using the conventional method. - Symantec

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