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Hired Assessments makes it faster and more efficient to evaluate technical candidates. We work directly with our customers and their engineering teams to build customized evaluations and pride ourselves in offering the best user experience not only for recruiters & engineers but also for candidates.

Engineers spend hours doing phone screens, giving out the same problem over and over. Why not automate that process and help your engineers get back to shipping that next mission critical feature or bug fix? It takes just minutes to set up real-world coding problems with Hired Assessments! Challenges are also automatically graded using test cases, empowering your recruiters and engineers with a meaningful score for each candidate.

Hired Assessments + Greenhouse

Now that Hired Assessments integrates with Greenhouse, you can easily send out challenges to your candidates directly from Greenhouse. To set up the integration, just navigate to Settings -> API Access in your Hired Assessments admin dashboard and copy the "Greenhouse" API Key. Then paste it into your Greenhouse account! It's that simple.

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