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Hiretual is the only complete people sourcing solution powered from scratch by Artifical Intelligence and the hottest and most beloved talent acquisition platform. Hiretual is built to make your life easier and become your best friend that comes alongside your recruiting process by its very design - “for recruiters by recruiters.”

We receive tremendous support from the community and more than 85% of our partners are hooked on our AI sourcing daily. Upgrade to Hiretual Pro and enjoy the powerhouse at the top of the funnel and 10x faster sourcing:

• Drive the sourcing AI assistant to work for you 24/7 with up to 99% accuracy
• Search without limits across 35+ different platforms
• Quickly find 700M people's contacts from one of the biggest databases in the world
• Re-discover new value from your team's old work by refreshing old applicants in your Greenhouse with current job titles, companies, compensation ranges, indicators of availability, and other professional analytics
• Collaborative sourcing at your fingertips with shared projects, notes, candidate stages, and messaging history
• Full integration with Greenhouse and other HRIS systems

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