Use AI to know exactly who to interview, instantly

Ideal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate low-level, repetitive recruiting tasks and swiftly move top candidates through the recruiting funnel.

The Problem:
● Overwhelmed with applicants, some employers report that over 65% of their resumes go untouched.
● Employers are often sitting on a gold mine of thousands of previous candidates within their ATS, but are unable to re-engage them for new requisitions.
● Candidate outreach is tedious and inconsistent.

Ideal’s Recruitment Automation Solution:

● Ideal’s AI ensures that every single resume is screened and graded without bias.
● Ideal can also screen and shortlist previous applicants. By screening past candidates, employers can rediscover talent and triple their qualified applicants.
● To save recruiters even more time, Ideal automatically engages top candidates to gauge their interest in the role.

Employers using Ideal’s recruiting software have, on average:
● Reduced screening costs by 75%
● Tripled their qualified candidates
● Increased recruiter productivity by 3.7x

How It Works:
Ideal integrates directly with Greenhouse, without changing your existing workflow. If your team knows how to use Greenhouse, they already know how to use Ideal!

Ideal allows HR professionals to focus on their most value-adding tasks: interviewing and building incredible teams.

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