Find candidates’ emails and automate your workflow

Recruiting teams know that to find the best talent they need to reach out to potential candidates that would be the best fit. Interseller increases the productivity of your recruiting team by automating the manual tasks involved in sourcing and engaging with prospective candidates.

Recruiters are empowered with tools to source, contact, and keep Greenhouse up to date without needing manual data entry. All of these tools are streamlined allowing recruiters to do all of this in the click of a button.

Find contact information for the candidate from social profiles such as Github, LinkedIn, and Angellist using our chrome extension. Emails are verified so you know messages will be delivered.

Quickly send smart personalized emails to candidates you find with drip campaigns. Campaigns are integrated with Gmail, track email opens, and automatically follow up with candidates that have not yet replied.

Prospects will be synched over to Greenhouse including all enrichment data about the candidate such as company, title, website, and social links.

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