Interview Mocha

Make data driven hiring decisions with automated skill assessments

With Interview Mocha’s skill assessments, easily invite, assess, share and view powerful reports within the Greenhouse workflow or;

Upload the candidate’s data in Interview Mocha platform to do the same. Improve your entire recruiting process, and bring on the best quality hires fast & easy.

Interview Mocha offers skill assessment for every job role including aptitude skills, technical skills, business skills and more.

Greenhouse clients like Takealot, Security Bank, Optiver, Mojio have already trusted us.

Delighting you in every step of your assessment process. Mocha will help you to –

• Identify and hire job-fit, skilled candidates more accurately and quickly

• Save time, hassle, and indulge in a smooth recruitment process

• Recruit with lightning speed and reduce turnaround time

• Validate your voice with data analytics and powerful reports

• Get training & onboarding with our experts whenever you want

• Understand the skill-gap analysis for better workforce planning

• Improve your interview ratio to the hiring ratio

Understanding candidate’s skills can be painful without the right tool with mocha you get –

• Latest digital 2.0 skills, 800+ IT skills, 200+ other domain-specific skills covered

• On-demand assessments

• Easily customize assessments according to the job description or allow us to do it for you

• Choose from coding simulators, logic box (automated; new, fun & quick coding tests) and eight other question types.

• Hover over 100,000+ question banks

• Automate the process with our 1-click Greenhouse integration

• Sophisticated user-based access control

• Mocha’s customer excellence assessment

• Dedicated Account Manager

Need ready assessments according to your job description? Don’t worry; Mocha team will always be there to help you!

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