Screen candidates for personality & job-fit using video

IntroMagic is an easy-to-use, video interviewing platform that enables recruiters to screen candidates for personality, communication skills, job & culture-fit.

Why IntroMagic?

Do you end up taking interviews you wish you hadn't as there was no fit? Save your time by viewing video applications of interested candidates, even before meeting or e-meeting them and filter & shortlist only the top candidates for a final interview.

IntroMagic bridges the gap between applicants and recruiters through video. For recruiters it helps in building a systematic hiring process which eliminates bias in hiring and helps them hire fast, smartly and efficiently. For candidates, it is an excellent platform to make a tailored video pitch on why they should be hired.

If you are looking for a cost effective and simple software solution with outstanding customer service for screening candidates and hiring efficiently, integrate now.

Greenhouse and IntroMagic

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with IntroMagic allows you to seamlessly add IntroMagic’s video interviewing stage to a job's interview plan. You can set up video interviews (one way / pre-recorded interview questions), invite candidates and evaluate their responses all from within your Greenhouse dashboard.

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